A single process

The production process, developed entirely by Auserpolimeri, is based on a continuous reactive extrusion of different polymeric bases with maleic anhydride. The grafting level and the choice of raw material that constitutes the polymer base will vary according to the type of product that will be developed and specific application for which it is intended. Special care is taken to ensure that no free maleic anhydride traces remain within the grafted materials. Every production line is equipped with special devices specifically aimed to allow Auserpolimeri to work with a very large varietyof polymeric raw material currently available on the market. To further guarantee product quality and a safe working environment, production lines are equipped with advanced on-line control systems to monitor for traces of maleic anhydride. Each batch of material produced is carefully analyzed by the internal quality control lab (QC). The product is packaged and shipped to clients only after obtaining its approval.