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This Cookie Policy applies to the website www.auser­ (here after "Website"), managed by Auser­polimeri S.r.l., with headquarter at Via Renaio, 55025 Piano di Core­glia, (Lucca), Italy, ("we", "our", "us"), as data controller. For more inform­a­tion on how we process personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy, which you can access here.

This Cookie Policy describes the use of cookies and other similar tech­no­lo­gies within our Website. This Cookie Policy does not cover any third party websites referred to by this Website.

Besides, this state­ment repres­ents the exten­sion of the short banner displayed when first connecting to the Website.

You can set your browser not to accept cookies, as explained below in the "Cookies manage­ment and with­drawal of consent" section. When cookies are disabled, some func­tions of our Website may not work prop­erly.


Cookies are small files that the websites visited by users send and store on the device used to access those websites. When users come back to the same website, the browser recog­nizes the cookies installed on the device and sends back inform­a­tion to the website that created or installed those cookies in the first place. Our Website uses different types of cookies and other tech­no­lo­gies to read and store inform­a­tion on the user's device in order, i.e., to perform stat­ist­ical analysis, customize and facil­itate users' browsing exper­i­ence and remember their pref­er­ences.

According to dura­tion, we may clas­sify cookies as follows:

  •  session cookies, if they are auto­mat­ic­ally deleted at the end of the session; and
  • permanent cookies, if they keep being stored on the user's device even after the end of the browsing session, for a time set by the cookie creator. These cookies are auto­mat­ic­ally deleted once the pre-defined dura­tion period (starting from the moment they are set, i.e., the first time the website is accessed, if no consent is required, or, if consent is required, the time consent is obtained) has elapsed or the user decides to erase them directly as indic­ated in the relevant section of this Cookie Policy.

 According to origin, we may clas­sify cookies as follows:

  • first party cookies, if they are set and managed directly by the website manager; and
  • third party cookies, if they are managed by a different domain than the one visited by the user.

 Further­more, according to their func­tion, we may clas­sify cookies as follow:

  • tech­nical cookies, which are neces­sary to the func­tioning of the website, including the provi­sion of inform­a­tion society services requested by users;
  • analytics cookies, used to collect inform­a­tion on the number of users, how they visit the website, to save browsing pref­er­ences, such as language or products in the cart; and
  • profiling cookies, whose goal is to create profiles related to the user and send or show advert­ising messages in line with the pref­er­ences the user shown while browsing the website.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data in connec­tion with tech­nical cookies is our legit­imate interest consisting in the interest in ensuring that the Website works prop­erly and it is visible and access­ible to users. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in connec­tion with analytics and profiling cookies is consent.

 In Italy, as provided for by the Italian Data Protec­tion Authority Guidelines on cookies and other tracking tools, of June 10, 2021, to the extent that analytics cookies are used to collect aggreg­ated and de-iden­ti­fied inform­a­tion they can be treated as tech­nical cookies.

Our Website may use web beacons, pixels, plug-ins, device finger­prints and other similar tech­no­lo­gies (collect­ively referred to as "tracking tech­no­logy") which allow third parties and us to monitor the use of our Website. Our Website incor­por­ates and uses this tracking tech­no­logy on your device when you access and load our Website. Find addi­tional inform­a­tion on the following section. (prüfen was Projekt-X sagt)


Our Website uses tech­nical cookies (as described above), which are neces­sary for the func­tioning of the Website; these cookies do not collect inform­a­tion for marketing purposes and do not require your consent in order to be installed.

Our Website also uses analytics and profiling cookies (as described above), for which we collect your consent through our Cookie banner and/or Cookie Settings tool; users can choose the purposes to which they want to give their consent. You can with­draw your consent or manage saved cookies on your device by following the instruc­tions given in "Cookies manage­ment and with­drawal of consent" section below.

We do not use cookies that are likely to start programs on your devices or send malwares to them, or that allow us to control your devices in any way.

The table below shows the list of cookies used by our Website. We update this table regu­larly; you can request more inform­a­tion at any time by contacting us at the addresses below.

_gat_gtag_UA_1461610_3Third party analytics cookiegoogle.comCookie set by Google Analytics. Used to throttle the request rate.One minute
_gaThird party analytics cookiegoogle.comRegisters a unique ID for a website visitor that logs how the visitor uses the website. The data is used for stat­istics.13 months
_gidThird party analytics cookiegoogle.comRegisters a unique ID for a website visitor that logs how the visitor uses the website. The data is used for stat­istics.One day
_gcl_auThird party analytics cookiegoogle.comRegisters a unique ID for a website visitor that logs how the visitor uses the website. The data is used for stat­istics.16 months
__cf_bmThird party tech­nical cookie.fonts.netThis cookie is used to distin­guish between humans and bots. This cookie is a part of Cloud­flare's services - including load balan­cing, providing website content, and providing a DNS connec­tion for website oper­ators.30 minutes
IDEThird party analytics cookie.double­click.netRegisters and reports the website user's actions after viewing or clicking on an advert­iser's ad in order to measure the effect­ive­ness of an ad and present targeted advert­ising to the user.13 months


If you wish to with­draw your consent to the use of cookies on this Website or if you want to delete or check installed cookies on your device, you can access the relevant settings of the website by clicking on the "COOKIE SETTINGS" tool at the bottom of this page, or the settings of your browser. Below we indicate the links you can follow for the main web browsers:

- Microsoft Edge  

- Chrome:


- Safari:

You can also disable cookies through the portal www.your­on­

If you disable cookies used by this Website, some of the Website func­tions may not be displayed correctly.

If you object to the use of profiling tools other than cookies, we invite you to exer­cise your rights by contacting us at the addresses below.


You can exer­cise your rights regarding the processing of your personal data by contacting the Data Controller at the addresses indic­ated below. For more inform­a­tion about your rights of access, recti­fic­a­tion, erasure, objec­tion restric­tion of processing and port­ab­ility, visit our Privacy Policy. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent super­visory authority.


Auser­polimeri Srl, with headquarter at Via Renaio, 55025 Piano di Core­glia, (Lucca), Italy, manages this website, as Data Controller. You can contact us by emailing to: info (at) aus­er­


We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time; in so, we will notify visitors about the changes to this Cookie Policy through a special banner or pop-up message or as other­wise required under applic­able law.