Coupling Agents Auserpolimeri

Coupling Agents

Improve­ment of Charge Disper­sion in Polymer Matrices

Coup­ling agents are addit­ives, which, thanks to the maleic prop­er­ties grafted on various poly­meric supports, greatly enhance the prop­er­ties at the inter­face with mineral fillers. We have the following Coup­ling Agents in our port­folio: 

  • Coup­ling agents in flame-retardant cables (HFFR)
  • Coup­ling agents in WPC
  • Coup­ling agents for GF filled PP, HDPE.

Their use increases the dispers­ib­ility of micro and nano-fillers in polymer matrices such as PE, PP, Poly­amides (all types of nylon) and poly­es­ters.  Auser­polimeri’s coup­ling agents can chem­ic­ally react to polar groups that are usually found, for example, on the surface of fiber­glass (and thanks to their wettab­ility increase the dispers­ib­ility of the fibers within poly­amide or polypro­pylene-based matrices). Auser­polimeri’s grafted poly­mers are excel­lent addit­ives for the disper­sion of fiber­glass (FG) in PP-based compounds, of veget­able fillers (such as wood flour in the  wood-plastic compos­ites industry) and are excel­lent dispers­ants for inor­ganic fillers in the  flame-retardant cable industry (HFFR).