Impact Modifiers Auserpolimeri

Impact Modifiers

Auser­polimeri is offering different Impact Modi­fiers for various applic­a­tions: 

  • Impact modi­fiers for poly­amides and engin­eering plastics.
  • Perform­ance modi­fiers for engin­eering plastics.
  • High perform­ance barrier compounds (0, H0, fuel, etc.).
  • Hot melt adhe­sion promoters.
  • Perform­ance modi­fiers for biopoly­mers.

Compoline® CO/PA

The Compoline® CO/PA line was developed as an impact modi­fier for high thermo-mech­an­ical perform­ance engin­eered plastics, such as poly­amides (nylon 6 and nylon 66), poly­es­ters (PET, PBT) and PC/ABS blends, guar­an­teeing enhanced perform­ance even at low temper­at­ures (-40 ° C). It consists of a wide range of elast­o­meric poly­ol­efin as well as poly­ol­efinic copolymer based compounds modi­fied with maleic anhyd­ride, which is used extens­ively in the auto­motive and energy indus­tries. 

Selecting different degrees of Compoline® and varying the dosage allows chan­ging the anti-impact prop­er­ties in rela­tion to the temper­ature of use and to the mech­an­ical prop­er­ties required by the finished product. Thanks to the maleic anhyd­ride content, every degree of Compoline® CO/PA acts as an impact modi­fier while also func­tioning as a dispersing agent for inor­ganic fillers, such as fiber­­­glass, during the compounding stage with nylon, for the produc­­tion of composite mater­­ials. In case of wet or partially degraded poly­amides, like the ones origin­ating from the indus­trial waste, certain degrees of Compoline® CO/PA also act as lubricant and processing aid. In fact, they act as true melt strength enhancer agents and stabil­izers.