A Company of Brüggemann.

Auser­polimeri, an Italian company of Brugge­mann, Germany, special­izes in the grafting of poly­mers by means of reactive extru­sion. Poly­mers func­tion­al­ized with this tech­no­logy make up our product port­folio and include adhe­sion promoters, compat­ib­il­izers and impact modi­fiers. Our expertise in the engin­eering polymer market is char­ac­ter­ized by high-quality tech­nical advice and continuous product devel­op­ment.

Press release Sep 11th, 2023 

Brüggemann invests in CO2-neutral heat generation - Inauguration of the new biomass heating plant

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Auserpolimeri has been acquired by the German company Bruggemann which continues to expand its polymer additive business with this strategic acquisition in Italy.

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“High perform­ance and high sustain­ab­ility cables for connectivity and energy trans­port, achieved through the devel­op­ment and char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of innov­ative nano­ma­ter­ials”

R&D Project for the design and devel­op­ment of innov­ative elec­trical and optical fiber cables achieved through the use of multi­func­tional micronan­o­ma­ter­ials and of renew­able mater­ials char­ac­ter­ized by being ecocom­pat­ible, bio-based, with high perform­ances and recyc­lable.